Central Region

Description and History

The Church of God in Central Africa comprises of six countries namely: Angola, Botswana, Malawi, Mozambique, Rwanda and Zambia. The region is geographically vast and multi lingual in nature. Three countries are English speaking, two Portuguese speaking and one English/French.

As of October 2023 there are 1 413 churches (including 65 Missions), 130 108 members with over 770 pastors. The biggest being Zambia with 575 congregations 57 250 members.

The first church was established in Angola in 1938 and was the first church planted in Africa by Church of God. It has since grown to a membership of 35,063 with over 294 congregations without adding churches under Full Gospel Church of God.

Leopards Retreat and Conference and retreat Center in Lusaka

This center has since its inception helped to gather the church of God leadership family in a number of conferences that has helped to enhance the unity of the church and spur Spiritual growth. As Church of God in Africa, we have a place we proudly call home whenever we need to have a retreat or conference.

Berea Theological University College in Lusaka

We are grateful as a church to have a college in Africa, that meets the required academic and infrastructural requirements, with well equipped class rooms, library and dormitory facilities as well as academically qualified lecturers so that in November 2022 Berea Theological University College was fully accredited as B.A. granting school by the HEA of Zambia. Thanks to the donors that have contributed to the physical infrastructure of this college. It is a regional school that now serves all of Africa and countries beyond.

Firewall Project

This project, through the dynamic leadership of Ray Lombard, has led to the planting of several hundreds of new churches in the region. The most significant being in Mozambique where not only new churches were established, but several physical church buildings were built.

Statistics speak for themselves

pastors & churches

Joseph Ndashe

Regional Superintendent
CoG Africa Central Region

Joseph Ndashe was born on December 25, 1961 in Luanshya Copperbelt Province, Zambia. He was born again in 1983 and baptized with the Holy Spirit the same year.

After completing his secondary school eductaion he trained at a Professional College in the UK in Human Resources Management and Industrical Law. After completion began working as human resource manager for 14 and a half years with LONRHO. 

He married his wife Dorothy Yamba in May 1987 who shares ministry and calling. They have three children and two grandchildren.

In 1986 he responded to the Lords call into Minsitry and started to serve as pastor of a local church and as Provincial Youth Director. Additional appoints followed (District Sectretary Treasurer, District Overseer, Provincial Youth Director, Provincial Secretary Treasurer, National Music Director National Youth Board member and as chairman of several church boards).

From 2002 to 2006 he served as National Overseer of Zambia.

He enrolled at the European Theological Seminary in Germany (ETS) in October 2006 from where he received his BA degree in 2009. After graduation CoG Wolrd Missions appointed him to served as National Overseer of Rwanda from 2010 to 2018. 

While in Rwanda he supervised St.Patrick Secondary School as Principle and served as Secretary for the CoGWM East Africa Council. In 2018 he became member of the CoG Africa Council, serving on the Board as Legal Advisor.

From 2012 – 2016 he enrolled in the MA program with ASCM (Asian Seminary of Christian Minsitry) from where he received his MA Degree in Christian Leadership. 

In September 2018 he was appointed as National Overseer of Zambia again and served in this capactity until August 2022 when Church of God World Missions appointed him as Regional Superintendent for CoG Africa Central region.

Currently he is completing his DMin studies with the Pentecostal Seminary (USA). 

In addition to his minsitry related appointments he served as Board member and chairman of numerous non church related Boards.



Higino Rufino
National Overseer
Congregations: 294
Membership: 35 063



Phalaagae Selemogwe
National Overseer
Congregations: 28
Membership: 3 847



Shadreck Lungu
National Overseer
Congregations: 10
Membership: 1 558



Robert Nyirenda 
National Overseer
Congregations: 252
Membership: 15 110



Armindo Magule
National Overseer
Congregations: 254
Membership: 17 280



Webby Siwale
National Overseer
Congregations: 575
Membership: 57 250

Challenges and Vision for tomorrow

The church of God in Central region deserves to be at high realm in terms of quality and growth. The leadership of the church feels this can be achieved.


Building a Christ Centered Church that equips Christians to impact culture and society while at the same time striving for spiritual maturity and financial self-sustainance. ( Col 1: 17-18)

Mission: (1. Cor. 2 :2)

  • Passion for transformation towards true discipleship living 

  • Passion for worship and sound doctrine

  • Being a church that grows in Christ and in truth

  • Being a church that practices the way of Jesus together


  • Celebrating God’s presence in highest praise and through dynamic worship
  • Proclaiming God’s Word in the Power of Pentecost, with demonstration of God’s power follwoing the proclamation of His Word
  • Empowering God’s people for ministry and self-sustainance
  • Equipping and edifying believers for the work of the Lord – thereby embracing the fivefold ministry: apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, teachers 
  • Becoming a praying church that seeks the Lord and glorifies Jesus.

Find out how you can get involved?

The work of CoGWM – Africa can be supported by prayer!

For those who would like to support this ministry financially, can do so by sending their donations to Church of God World Missions –
Project: African Harvest #73 10273