Central (Franco Phone)

Description and History of the Church in the Region

The Church of God in Central Francophone region comprises seven countries. The largest of them being Congo DR. All of the countries are French speaking, except Equatorial Guinea, the only Spanish speaking country in Africa.

The first church in the region was established in Congo DR in May 1969.

Congo DR, Congo Brazzaville, Central African Republic, Senegal, Guinea Bissau, Equatorial Guinea and Gambia make up the region. 

Senegal Ministry Center

The Minsitry Center in Senegal has become HQ not only for the Church in Senegal but is the Center for Ministerial training for sourrounding countries and the region. Situated right in the capital it is ideally located and easily accessible. 

Congo D.R.

After Algeria, Congo DR is the second largest country in Africa (2 344 858 square kilometers – 905 354 square miles). With over 103 Million people it has the fourth highest population. It is a vast country with a multitude of different ethic groups. 

On May 24, 1969 the Church of God could establish its first church. Yet, the history of planting the church in Congo DR started at two places. 

In Katanga the church was pioneered by Toka Muke who was followed by Denis Mukalayi Kabimbi, serving the church in different capacities before he died as Provincial Overseer in July 2022. 

In South Kivu, Vincent Wasikatenda who had been imprisoned in Bujumbura, Burundi for preaching the Gospel and repatriated to Congo DR, pioneered the church in Uvira in January 1985. He later moved to Kinshasa where he served as National Overseer. 
Seven years later, in 1992, the church was established in Goma where it developed solidly under the capbale leadership of “Kibi” Kivuya Kambale. During his time as National Oveseer of Eastern Congo a big and beautiful building was erected in Goma, despite the great losses after the erruption of the Nyiragongo Vulcano in 2002 . In the meantime two beautiful orphanages were begun under his leadership by SOW. 

Due to its vastness the country is divided into four Territories, supervised by territorial Overseers who served directly under the Regional Superintendent. 

Statistics speak for themselves

pastors & churches

Louis Luwaya

Regional Superintendent
Central Francophone Region

Louis and Marie

Louis Luwaya, born on September 19, 1962 into a Christian family was taught early to pray as a child during evening family devotions. After completion of his primary and secondary education he enrolled for studies in electronics. 

In 1987 he surrender his life to Christ and experience forgiveness of sins and the new birth. The same year he was baptized in water upon the profession of his new found faith. 

Through a vision he received his call to ministry, followed by his enrollment at Bethel Bibel College in 1988. In 1999 he completed his BA studies at TCCA in Zambia. Three years later, after having receveived a vision of a ripe harvest field, he was sent as Missionary to  pioneer the work for Church of God WM in Senegal, where he has been working ever since.

While serving in Senegal he helped plant churches in neighbouring Gambia and Guinea Bissau.

In 2016 he completed his MA degree with ASCM in Manila, Philippines, and is currently enrolled in the DMin program of PTS, USA.

Louis is married to Marie and has five children and three grandchildren.  


Louis Luwaya
National Overseer
Congregations: 9
Membership: 609

Equatorila Guinea

Under Regional Superintendent
Congregations: 35
Membership: 419

Guinea Bissau

Under Regional Superintendent
Congregations: 1
Membership: 36

Congo DR

Ray Sorongobondo
Territorial Overseer
Kinshasa & West Congo

Moise Kalonga Lubuela
Territorial Overseer Central Kasai

Ernest Kambale Kibi
Territorial Overseer Eastern Congo

Faustin Bingo wa Ilunga
Territorial Overseer Katanga

Congregations: 362
Membership: 42 438

Central African Republic

Paul Josue Tanguimale
National Representative
Congregations: 20
Membership: 4 100

Congo – Brazzaville

Brice Ngatsongo
National Representative
Congregations: 12 
Membership: 800


Under Regional Superintendent 

Our vision:

As a region at the center of Africa, we strongly believe that our church is a sent-sending missionary church in the 21st century.

Mission Statement:

We as the Church of God in our region are committed to fulfill the mandate of our Lord Jesus Christ by:

  • Preaching the Gospel at all costs to the lost, the least, and the last through the power of the Holy Spirit to win them to Christ;
  • Effectively training human resources to do evangelism, discipleship, stewardship, administration, worship and fellowship;
  • Planting more living churches in the territories of the unreached people groups and urban centers without neglecting rural areas;
  • Embarking on income-generating activities to attain financial independence and effectively promote missionary work among people who have not heard the Gospel;


The Church of God in our region will attain its goals by:

  1. Training its human resources such as National and Territorial overseers,
  2. Training Pastors, evangelists, teachers, any other workers, and the laity until they all reach maturity,
  3. Conducting workshops to teach members biblical principles of stewardship,
  4. Engaging church membership in discipleship programs and activities,
  5. Identifying and developing businesses that can help generate funds such as running schools, farms, tailoring shops, taxis, microfinance projects, etc.,
  6. Training – called students as well as church members to become missionaries and support missions,
  7. Increasing church attendants and memberships,
  8. Members to be discipled effectively to reach their potential in Christ and fulfill their calling, etc


By the end of the provided training,

  1. Each leader will be able to fulfill his/her calling in his territory and country,
  2. Each Pastor, evangelist, teacher, worker, and each member of the laity will show evidence of maturity,
  3. Each member will be able to be a good steward,
  4. Each church member will be able to be fully engaged in activities and programs of the church
  5. Businesses will be generating sufficient funds for the church
  6. Each trained student and church member will be able to do and support missions,
  7. Each local church will increase its membership and attendants,
  8. Each member will be able to reach his or her potential in Christ, etc.

We need to equip the church ministers to enable them to serve effectively our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We are sending workers with a call to be trained at BTUC. We are also training locally and nationally those who cannot afford to do training in Anglophone-speaking Zambia where our continental educational Institution called Berea Theological University College is located. Each country should have a training center for the above purpose.

We are taking seriously the funding of the church through tithes, offerings, legs, etc. by calling for accountability and transparency.

We endeavor to do activities such as schools, clinics, and farming to generate funds for doing missions.

We will be raising funds for opening local congregations in urban areas without forgetting rural areas.

Youth training will be our emphasis by supporting their studies at Berea Theological University College or equivalent in establishing viable local churches in cities.

Purchasing land for the building of churches and national offices in our territories and countries.

Find out how you can get involved?

The work of CoGWM – Africa can be supported by prayer!

For those who would like to support this ministry financially, can do so by sending their donations to Church of God World Missions –
Project: African Harvest #73 10273

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