N‘Djamena, Chad - Seminar with church planters

Church Planters Seminars in the Chad and Togo

By the grace of God and through the Firewall Initiative lead by Ray Lombard hundreds of churches have been planted, especially in the Sahel zone countries of Africa.
The Gospel is being preached in the power of Pentecost and the love of God, confirmed by signs and wonders and churches are being planted.
The importance to make disciples and train workers for the ministry gains a total new dimension. Every church needs someone to shepherd the flock and reach out to a dying world.
Timothy Gbo, Superintendent of Francophone West Africa, and I trained two separate groups of church planters, i.e., in February in N‘Djamena, Chad, and in March in Lomé, Togo.
In N‘Djamena, 92 church planters participated. The national overseer, Amane Mamate, reports that nationwide in the last four years 200 new churches were planted - this is in average one church every week.
In Lomé, Togo, 60 church planters participated in the training. From 2011 the Church of God in Togo nationwide grew nine-fold from six to 53 churches today.
God has given the church in Africa good and faithful national leaders. Many have come through various training programs and today lead the national work. They preach the Gospel, make disciples and edify the body of Christ.